Couples and Family Therapy

Couples and Family Counseling

In couple and family counseling, the primary goal is to help people grow and thrive in their relationships. Marriage and Family therapists view relationships as systems of interrelated, interdependent dynamics between people that can create and maintain unhelpful behavioral patterns, keeping couples and families feeling stuck. In this setting, our MFT interns can help you and your loved one(s) figure out what happens individually and interpersonally in creating the “stuckness” and how to change such patterns in ways that better serve all parties involved.

This type of counseling may involve learning effective communication and interpersonal skills, problem solving strategies, healthy boundary setting, and tools for emotional regulation. With this approach, our MFT interns and therapists are focused on simultaneously supporting all individuals involved and the relationships between each person.

Who can participate in couples counseling? 

Any couple can seek out counseling, regardless of the status of their relationship. Couples therapy is for everyone, including married couples, new couples, LBGTQ couples, long-time partners, partners cohabiting together or living apart, monogamous and non monogamous couples, and also people that have recently separated or divorced and are looking to improve their communication or co-parenting together.

Couples are welcome whether there is tension or a problem you want to work though, or if you and your partner want to learn new skills for communicating, parenting, or any other needs you have for your relationship.

Who can participate in family counseling?

In family counseling, all members of the immediate family are encouraged to participate when deemed appropriate. This may look a number of ways depending on the type of support needed and the issues looking to be addressed. For example, if a child is too young to understand certain issues, it may be most beneficial to only include the adults involved in order to best support the child in healthy and appropriate ways.
During the first meeting, your therapist will work with all of you in deciding who will participate in counseling sessions and in what capacity. This may look like including only siblings for a couple sessions and working with parents in following sessions, then bringing the family back together for further counseling. Working in this way allows our interns to work with each relationship within the family and understand how certain dynamics may be influencing the unit as a whole.

You can also seek family therapy if you are an adult and want to work on your relationship with your parents, older children, or siblings.

Why work with an intern for couples or family?

CRS interns are trained in providing high-quality, professional counseling services for couples and families. Interns are at the last stage of their graduate education, and have already had experience working directly with couples and families in a supervised environment. Working with an intern is more affordable and opens options for lower self-pay rates between $20-60 per session for couples and families. Interns also accept CCHA Medicaid, Cigna, and Aetna insurances.

There can be a lot of stress on families during separation processes. We recognize these struggles, but are unable to accept court-ordered therapy requests, and are unable to be involved in any legal proceedings. Please reach out to Alexia at for referrals.

Sarah Suby-Long, Karissa Moody, and Alexia Diaz contributed to this article. Schedule with Sarah, Karissa, or any of our other couples and family therapists today!