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Trauma can anchor you to painful memories, but healing is within reach. Journey with us at Center for Resilience Strategies to process, cope, and move beyond your past traumas.

Unpacking the Layers of Trauma

Trauma embeds itself deeply, often influencing our behaviors, thought patterns, and emotional responses in ways we don’t immediately recognize. While some scars are evident, others lie buried beneath layers of coping mechanisms and defenses. Unpacking trauma involves gently peeling back these layers, confronting the pain, and seeking healing.

Through therapeutic support, you can find a path to recovery and begin to reclaim your sense of self. With the guidance of a compassionate professional, you can uncover strengths you didn’t know you had and build resilience against past traumas, ensuring they no longer dictate your future.

Our Trauma Treatment Solutions in Colorado, Pennsylvania, & Minnesota

At Center for Resilience Strategies, we offer a compassionate, trauma-informed, and personalized approach to address and heal from past traumas. We adapt our interventions to suit your unique experiences, ensuring that you are provided with the tools and support to move forward and rebuild.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Through bilateral stimulation, we help process traumatic memories, aiming to reduce their influence and allow you to move forward.

Somatic Experiencing

By addressing the physical responses to trauma, we assist you in releasing stored tension and cultivating bodily awareness.

Internal Family Systems

We’ll help you recognize and harmonize the various parts of yourself influenced by trauma, fostering deep healing and understanding.


By accessing specific, deeper regions of the brain, we assist you in processing trauma and alleviating its lingering impact on your life.

Narrative Therapy

Together, we’ll reconstruct and reshape your trauma narrative, paving the way for empowerment, understanding, and healing.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

We’ll aim to systematically address and counteract negative patterns tied to traumatic memories — helping you to cope with and diffuse intrusive thoughts.

Art Therapy

Using various art forms, we’ll guide you through a creative way to unravel your trauma and represent your emotions and memories.

Strengths-Based Therapy

We’ll help you strategize how you can tap into your unique set of strengths and capabilities to navigate healing from trauma.

Therapy to Empower, Tools to Thrive

Your healing begins with acceptance, understanding, and the right strategy in place. At Center for Resilience Strategies, we’re here to empower you on your journey toward mental wellness and equip you with resilience for whatever comes your way.

Experience Transformative Healing
at Center for Resilience Strategies

Affordable & Accessible Care

Quality mental health care shouldn’t break the bank. At CRS, we prioritize making our services both affordable and easily accessible to all.

Holistic & Personalized Strategies

Your journey is unique, and so should your treatment. We take into account the entirety of your experience, crafting a tailored approach that addresses all facets of your well-being.

Innovative Treatment Options

Harness the power of cutting-edge therapeutic methods. CRS constantly evolves, integrating the latest techniques to offer innovative solutions for your mental health needs.

Proactive Care Approach

We believe in addressing challenges before they amplify. Our proactive approach ensures you’re equipped with tools and strategies to navigate life’s complexities with resilience and confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trauma refers to the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event or series of events that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope, causes feelings of helplessness, and diminishes their sense of self and ability to feel a full range of emotions.

No, trauma is subjective. What might be traumatic for one person might not be for another. It’s the individual’s emotional and physiological response that defines the experience as traumatic.

Symptoms of trauma can vary but may include intrusive memories, avoidance of trauma reminders, negative changes in mood or thinking, heightened arousal responses, and more. While not true for everyone, some individuals will go on to develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a response to trauma.

Not always. While events like these can lead to trauma, individuals can also experience trauma from personal events such as accidents, abuse, loss, or even seemingly “minor” incidents if perceived as threatening or harmful.

Several therapeutic modalities are often used to effectively treat trauma, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Brainspotting, and more. Among these, EMDR is one of the most popular for treating trauma. At CRS, our treatments are individualized, and what works for one person might not work for another. We’ll work with you to create a strategy that addresses your unique situation.

While the effects of trauma can be profound, recovery is possible. With the right support and treatment, individuals can heal, grow, and lead fulfilling lives. However, the journey and timeline to recovery can vary widely among individuals.

It’s important to note that for some people who’ve experienced trauma, symptoms can worsen over time — essentially, these issues, feelings, and difficulties that result from the experience don’t just go away. No matter the severity of what youvre experienced or what you’re feeling right now, processing your feelings with a therapist can help you resolve the memories of that trauma and prevent further issues, such as lingering depression, anxiety, PTSD, or suicidal thoughts.

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