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At Center for Resilience Strategies, we believe everyone possesses the innate ability to overcome, adapt, and grow. Our mission is to ensure mental health access in our communities, providing affordable and innovative solutions to foster long-term mental wellness and resilience.

Our Commitment to Every Healing Journey

Teaching Proactive Resilience

At the core of our approach is proactive resilience — addressing the immediate challenges and preparing individuals for life’s unpredictable moments.

Truly Accessible Care

We ensure our services are accessible and affordable so everyone can receive the mental health care they rightfully deserve.

Holistic Healing Approach

We see the whole person, beyond your current issues. Recognizing that every individual operates within a unique system; we aim for 360-degree understanding.

Innovative Therapeutic Innovations

We integrate the latest in therapeutic innovations, ensuring our clients have access to the most effective strategies available.

Discover Your Resilience

Navigating life’s challenges can sometimes leave you feeling adrift. Do you ever wonder if you’re the only one who can’t seem to cope and keep it together? The truth is that we all have moments where we feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the path ahead. What if you had a space where your feelings were not only recognized but truly understood and accepted? A place where you’re not just another patient but a valued individual with unique experiences, aspirations, and potential?

At Center for Resilience Strategies, we see you. We recognize the weight of your journey and are here to help you navigate through the pain and find hope for what’s to come. By equipping you with evidence-backed tools and strategies, we aim to lighten your load and help you face tomorrow’s uncertainties with confidence.

Ultimately, our goal is to remind you that you’re not alone in this journey. Together, we can uncover the resilience within you, transform challenges into stepping stones, and embrace a future where you feel empowered, understood, and free.

Meet the Founder

Allison Bratsch, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and visionary, founded Center for Resilience Strategies with a clear goal: redefining private practice mental health care. Witnessing the challenges of limited accessibility and therapist burnout in traditional settings, Allison swiftly built a team in 2019. As the pandemic intensified the demand for mental health services, CRS, under Allison’s leadership, expanded to over 30 clinicians in just four years.

The cornerstone of CRS’s success is its nurturing culture. By prioritizing our therapists’ well-being and reducing burnout, CRS guarantees a thriving therapeutic environment and high-quality care for every client. Additionally, with a unique and supportive intake process, Allison and her team further ensure every client is matched with the ideal therapist, underscoring CRS’s commitment to accessibility and excellent mental health care.

Meet Our Staff

At the heart of CRS lies a dedicated team of professionals, each bringing a unique blend of expertise, compassion, and commitment. From seasoned therapists to passionate administrative staff, our collective aim is to ensure a holistic, accessible, and tailored approach to mental wellness.

Meet Your Dedicated Therapy Team 

Our compassionate and skilled team of mental health professionals are here to support you. Find a therapist that’s the right fit for your treatment needs. 

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Join a team of mental health professionals that brings together a wide range of expertise and professional backgrounds. As a thriving practice and training center, we nurture every clinician’s unique passion. Embrace innovation and shine in your niche.

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