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Familial Bonds

Deepen the connections that matter the most. With family therapy sessions, we help every member of your family build trust, resolve past conflicts, build communication skills, and nurture lasting bonds. Take the first step toward a stronger family unit today.

Nurture Harmony and Connection Through Therapy

Every parent wishes for a peaceful home that is a place of comfort and support for everyone in it. However, if your family is constantly struggling with tension – from conflicting parenting styles and sibling rivalry to feelings of resentment and a lack of mutual respect – it’s easy for hopelessness and distance to creep in. And for families grappling with life’s harsh curveballs, whether it’s a tragic loss, divorce, or a recent trauma, the path forward can seem unclear.

At CRS, we’re your family’s ally during this time. We’re here to make sure everyone’s voice is heard, providing a safe place for your family to express their needs, find healing, and learn skills and strategies to foster understanding and peace. Together, let’s rebuild the harmony your family needs and deserves.

Our Family Therapy Services in Colorado, Pennsylvania, & Minnesota

At CRS, our therapists utilize a versatile range of therapeutic methodologies tailored to foster harmony, understanding, and effective communication within the family unit. Whether it’s bridging generational gaps, addressing specific challenges, or building a resilient family foundation, our goal is to guide families toward healthier, more fulfilling interactions.

Internal Family Systems

IFS is grounded in the belief that every individual is made up of different roles and personalities – helping families to understand how these parts interact with the family dynamic.

Emotionally Focused Therapy

EFT focuses on creating strong emotional bonds between family members, targeting emotional responses that lead to distance or conflict.

Solutions-Focused Therapy

Rather than trying to pinpoint the cause of family problems, SFT focuses on finding practical solutions for the present and future.

Play Therapy

For families with young children, pay therapy can help siblings and parents understand, and address, their child’s emotional and behavioral needs.

Narrative Therapy

This approach revolves around the stories we tell about our lives, helping family members to externalize problems and rewrite the narrative to align with their preferred outcome.

Strengths-Based Therapy

This approach operates on the belief that every family has inherent strengths and resources, emphasizing what the family is doing right and building on that.

Therapy to Empower, Tools to Thrive

Your healing begins with acceptance, understanding, and the right strategy in place. At Center for Resilience Strategies, we’re here to empower you on your journey toward mental wellness and equip you with resilience for whatever comes your way.

Experience Transformative Healing
at Center for Resilience Strategies

Affordable & Accessible Care

Quality mental health care shouldn’t break the bank. At CRS, we prioritize making our services both affordable and easily accessible to all.

Holistic & Personalized Strategies

Your journey is unique, and so should your treatment. We take into account the entirety of your experience, crafting a tailored approach that addresses all facets of your well-being.

Innovative Treatment Options

Harness the power of cutting-edge therapeutic methods. CRS constantly evolves, integrating the latest techniques to offer innovative solutions for your mental health needs.

Proactive Care Approach

We believe in addressing challenges before they amplify. Our proactive approach ensures you’re equipped with tools and strategies to navigate life’s complexities with resilience and confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Family therapy is a unique approach that considers the family as a single unit, recognizing that issues affecting one member can have a ripple effect on everyone. Families often seek therapy when they encounter challenging life transitions, persistent conflicts, communication breakdowns, or when a member is dealing with a personal struggle that impacts the whole. In these sessions, the therapist facilitates open conversations, helping each member express feelings and understand the dynamics at play. The aim is not just to address specific issues but to strengthen the family’s overall resilience, communication, and problem-solving abilities.

It’s a common misconception that family therapy is only for families in crisis or facing severe issues. In reality, any family can benefit from these sessions. Whether you’re navigating typical life transitions like adolescent challenges, blending families, or simply wanting to enhance your family’s communication, therapy can provide invaluable insights. It’s about preemptively addressing potential conflicts, understanding each member’s unique perspective, and fostering a supportive environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

While individual therapy focuses on the personal experiences and feelings of a single individual, family therapy looks at the dynamics, interactions, and patterns within the family unit. The therapist works to create a space where every family member can voice their feelings and concerns, guiding the family towards healthier ways of interacting. Regarding attendance, while it’s beneficial for all members to be present, there can be sessions where only specific family members participate, depending on the goals and issues being addressed. Your therapist will collaboratively decide the best approach with your family’s input.

It’s a common misconception that when one person in a family is facing challenges, only that individual needs support. In reality, the entire family system is interconnected, and each member can influence and be influenced by the dynamics at play. Family therapy can offer insights into patterns, behaviors, and interactions that may be contributing to the identified problem. Even when the primary concern seems centered on one individual, the collective understanding, collaboration, and support of the whole family can be instrumental in fostering a positive change and holistic healing.

Absolutely. One of the primary goals of family therapy is to enhance communication and understanding among family members. Many families experience communication barriers due to misunderstandings, past conflicts, or generational differences. A skilled family therapist will provide tools, strategies, and a safe space for each family member to express themselves openly. Over time, guided sessions can help break down walls, rebuild trust, and establish more effective communication patterns, allowing families to reconnect and strengthen their bonds.

It’s not uncommon for some family members to be hesitant or skeptical about therapy, especially if they fear being blamed or misunderstood. A skilled family therapist will create a non-judgmental and inclusive environment where every member feels safe and valued. The initial sessions might focus on building trust and establishing the goals of therapy. Over time, as family members experience the benefits and witness the positive changes, their apprehensions usually diminish. It’s also essential to communicate that the aim of therapy is mutual understanding and healing, not assigning blame.

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